5 Fall Makeup Trends / 5 Trenduri ale Machiajului de Toamna

Cand vine vorba de machiaj, toamna marcheaza inceputul unui look mai rafinat. Bronzerul stralucitor este schimbat pe nuante roz de blush , in timp ce buzele si pleoapele nude se scufunda in nuante capricioase de visiniu si bleumarin. De la buze smoky la ochi inspirati de Brigitte Bardot , continua sa dai pagina pentru cele mai dragute 5 trenduri ale toamnei.
( When it comes to makeup, autumn marks the beginning of a sleeker, more refined look. Shimmery bronzer is traded in for rosy cheek tints, while bare lips and lids dip into moody hues like burgundy and navy.
From smoky lips to Bardot-inspired eyes, keep flipping for five of fall’s prettiest trends!)

Trend #1: Ochi de Bambi / Bambi Eyes

Nimic nu spune toamna mai mult ca un breton luxurios care avantajeaza forma fetei. Spune buna lui Brigitte Bardot 2. Aceasta recreere moderna a bombei sexy a anilor ’60 se focuseaza pe ochi incadrandu-i in gene groase de Bambi si pe pleoapa de sus si pe cea de jos.
(Nothing says more fall than a lush, fluttery fringe. Say hello to Brigitte Bardot 2.0 . This modern take on the ‘60s bombshell focuses on the eyes, framing them with thick, Bambi-like lashes on both the top and bottom.)

Alte elemente ale acestui trend cu inspiratie retro includ sclipici fin pe pleoape, tonuri pescate, si buze nude opace.
(Other elements of this retro-inspired trend include soft shimmer on the eyelids, peachy tones, and opaque nude lips.)

Daca genele false nu sunt pentru tine, incearca acest truc de makeup artist.(8)
(If false lashes aren’t your thing, try this makeup artist trick.(8))

Trend #2: Sprancene Puternice / Power Brows

Imperiul lui Cara Delevigne peste lumea sprancenelor este inca in putere si dovada sunt podiumurile de moda. Sprancenele au fost, decolorate, acoperite, pieptanate in sus, alungite, stufoase, vopsite in auriu sau pur si simplu ultra definite si ingrijite.
(Cara Delevingne’s reign over the brow world is still going strong and the runways are proof. Brows were bleached, covered, brushed upward, elongated, bushy, [painted gold], or simply ultra-defined and groomed.)

Pentru ati face sprancenele mai pline, ia un creion de sprancene si deseneaza linii scurte in directia sprancenelor apoi estompeaza cu o periuta de sprancene.
(To fake fuller brows, take a brow pencil, and draw short, light strokes in the direction of your natural brows, then blend it out with a clean spooly. )

Sprancenele puternice din aceasta toamna si iarna arata cum o simpla schimbare iti poate modifica intregul look. Pur si simplu ajustand grosimea lor, lungimea, sau arcada poate transmite o atitudine mai hotarata sau chiar mai sexy.
( This fall and winter’s bold brows show just how much one simple change can alter your entire look. Simply tweaking their thickness, length, or arch can convey a more determined or even more sexy demeanor.)

Trend #3: Buze Smoky / Smoky Lips

Da la o parte creionul de buze in favoarea unui look mai bland, mai natural. Ai nevoie de inspiratie ? Podiumurile de moda ale lui Charlotte Ronson, Giorgio Armani, J. Mendel, si Prada o sa-ti dea destula.
(Toss your lip liner in favor of a softer, more natural look. Need inspiration? The runways of Charlotte Ronson, Giorgio Armani, J. Mendel, and Prada will give you plenty.)

Ca si smoky eyes, aceste buze sarutate sunt mai degraba despre delicatete si textura ,decat folosind aceeasi culoare, si arata de parca au petrecut toata noaptea.
(Like smoky eyes, these kissed-off lips are more about softness and texture than the exact shade used, and they look like they’ve already partied all night long.)

Pentru a recrea acest look, foloseste-ti degetele pentru a aplica rujul tau preferat in centrul buzelor apoi preseaza-ti buzele pentru a difuza culoarea.
(To recreate this look on yourself, simply use your fingertips to pat your favorite lipstick into the center of your lips, then press your lips together to diffuse the color.)

Trend #4: Conturare cu gust / Tasteful Contouring

Pentru trend-ul de toamna asta imagineaza-ti abilitatea de Kardashian la nivel de conturare dar mult mai atenuat. Nuantele de bej si neutre sunt folosite pentru a sculpta subtil fata perfecta, conturand si iluminand trasaturile intr-un mod nu foarte evidentiat.
(For this fall trend, imagine the skill of Kardashian-level contouring, but way more toned down. Beiges and neutrals are being used to subtly sculpt the perfect face, contouring and highlighting features in a not-so-obvious way.)

Sculpteaza-ti obrajii si mai mult adaugand iluminantul ca parte a ecuatiei, (deasupra pometilor). Cateodata o stralucire si iluminare evidenta completeaza efectul topografic, dar conturarea a fost intotdeauna presenta pe podiumuri si fetele nu au fost niciodata plate.
(Sculpt your cheekbones even more by adding highlighter as part of the equation (on top of the cheeks). Sometimes, an obvious sheen and highlight complete the topographical effect, but shading and shadowing was always very present on the runways, and faces were never flat.)

Trend #5: Pleoape Albastre / Blue Eyes

S-ar putea sa asociezi machiajul albastru al ochilor cu zilele calduroase de vara sau primavara, dar versiunea toamnei este mai eleganta, mai profunda si mai matura.
(You might associate blue eye makeup with the balmier days of summer or spring, but fall’s version is sleeker, deeper, and more grown-up. )

Albastrul puternic aduce un soc binevenit de energie pozitiva zilelor reci si intunecate.
(Bold blue brings a welcome jolt of positive energy to colder, darker days.)

Pentru o licarire perfecta de albastru, incearca sa stratifici un eyeliner lichid deasupra unui creion.
(For the perfect glint of blue, try layering a liquid liner over your pencil liner.)

Tie care trend iti place? Lasa-mi un raspuns mai jos! What trend do you like the most? Comment below.

Mixing Prints Ideas / Idei de Asortarea a Printurilor

Printre multitudinea de trucuri de styling aflate in lume, asortarea printurilor a fost intotdeauna intimidanta, pana acum! Iata noua moduri usoare de styling al printurilor.
(Amongst the myriad of styling tricks out there, mixing prints has always been intimidating, until now! Here are nine easy ways of mixing prints.)

1. Micro Print + Ghepard Print / Micro Print + Cheetah Print

2. Print cu broderie + Print piele de sarpe / Paisley + Snake Print

3. Dungi + Patratele / Stripes + Windowpane

4. Print Floral Anii ’90  + Print Retro Floral / ’90s Floral + Retro Floral

5. Buline + Dungi / Polka Dots + Stripes

6. Animal Print + Plaid (Carouri) / Animal Print + Plaid

7. Kaleidoscope + Moody Floral

8. Textile + Stropi de Vopsea / Textile + Paint Splatter

9.  Dungulite subtiri + Tartan / Pinstripe + Tartan

Beauty and Natural sunscreen with oils / Frumusete si Protectie solara cu Uleiuri


Foloseste uleiuri naturale varapentru ati proteja pielea vara. Uleiurile naturale nu doar ofera protectie contra arsurilor solare pentru ca contin FPS ci si hidrateaza si vindeca pielea expusa la soare.

(Use natural oils to protect your skin summer. Natural oils not only provide the protection from sunburn as they contain natural SPF but will also moisturize and heal skin exposed to sun.)


1.Ulei de Seminte de Zmeura – FPS de la 30 la 50

Este un ulei esential care este bogat in acizii grasi omega-3 si omega-6 si de asemenea in antioxidanti si vitamia E care ajuta la repararea si hidratarea pielii. Imbunatateste efectiv elasticitatea pielii ,reduce ridurile,uscaciunea si liniile fine. Este unul din cele mai populare uleiuri pentru puteea de protectie solara mare de la 28 la 50, protejand impotriva razelor UVA si UVB.

(1. Red Raspberry Seed Oil- SPF 30 to 50
Raspberry seed oil is an essential oil that is rich in both omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids as well as contains antioxidants and vitamin e that helps in in skin repair and conditioning. Effectively moisturizes and improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, dryness and skin lines. It is one of the most popular oils for SPF that range from 28 – 50 protecting against UVA & UVB rays.)


2. Uleiul de seminte de morcov – FPS de la 38 la 40
Uleiul de seminte de morcov ofera protectie solara naturala. Este de asemenea bogat in antioxidanti si are proprietati antiseptice. Ajuta la vindecarea pielii uscate, crapate, aduce umiditatea in piele si hidrateaza parul.

(2. Carrot Seed Oil – SPF 38 and 40
Carrot seed oil provides natural sun protection. It is also rich in antioxidants and has antiseptic properties. Carrot Seed Oil helps to heal dry, cracked skin, adds moisture in skin, and conditions the hair.)


3. Ulei de germeni de grâu – FPS 20
Contine vitamina E naturala si antioxidanti care repara celulele deteriorate . Reduce inflamatiile pielii si ajuta la repararea buzelor crapate si si a pielii uscate.

(3. Wheat germ Oil: SPF -20
Contains natural Vitamin E and antioxidants that repairs cell damage. Reduces skin inflammation and helps in treating chapped lips and dry skin.)

4. Uleiul de soia – FPS 10
Acest ulei este un hidratant avantajos ca pret si este de asemenea considerat foarte efectiv in repararea pielii distruse de razele solare . Ajuta la pastrarea pielii catifelate si sanatoase.

(4. Soya Bean Oil – SPF 10
Soybean oil is a cost-effective moisturizer and is also considered very effective in treating skin damage caused by the sun. The oil keeps skin feeling smooth and healthy.)

5. Uleiul de cocos – FPS 2-8

Este unul dintre cele mai versatile uleiuri naturale. Ofera protectie solara pielii si parului. Uleiul poate fi folosit ca hidratant de corp, pentru a repara pielea uscata si dura, ca coatele si talpile. Este grozav pe post de ulei de baie si lotiune de ras.

(5. Coconut Oil – SPF 2 -8
Coconut oil is one of the most versatile natural oils. It provides sun protection to your skin and hair. The oil can be used as a body moisturize to treat dry, rough skin, elbows and heels. Great as a bath oil and shaving lotion.)

6. Uleiul de avocado – FPS 4-15
Ajuta la netezirea si catifelarea pielii. Uleiul se absoarbe in piele hidratand si imbunatatind elasticitatea pielii. Aplica uleiul pentru a reduce petele de pe piele, pentru a repara pielea expusa la soare si cicatricile. Aplica o picatura si pe par pentru un plus de stralucire si pentru un par mai moale.

(6. Avocado oil – SPF 4 – 15
Helps in soothing and softening of skin. The oil absorbs into the skin hydrating and increasing the elasticity of skin. Apply the oil to reduce age spots, help heal sun damage and scars. Smooth a drop of oil on your hair to add shine and softness.)

7. Uleiul de Migdale – FPS 5
Este bogat in vitamina E care ajuta la mentinerea pielii moi si suple. Imbunatateste aspectul tenului, intarzie imbatranirea pielii, lumineaza cearcanele inchise la culoare, netezeste si adauga stralucire parului.

(7. Almond Oil – SPF 5
Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E that keeps your skin soft and supple, it improves complexion, delays ageing process, lightens dark circles, relieves dry and nourishes the skin. When used on hair it nourishes, smoothens, and adds shine to your hair.)

8.Uleiul de Jojoba – FPS 4
Este un ulei usor care este potrivit tuturor tipurilor de ten si ofera protectie solara limitata.Ofera hidratare pielii si repara pielea expusa indelung la soare.

(8. Jojoba Oil SPF -4
Jojoba is effective to treat dry skin and provides limited sun protection. Jojoba oil provides natural moisturizers for the skin as well as heals the skin from sun damage.)

9.Uleiul de Macadamia- FPS 6
Este un ulei usor potrivit pentru toate tipurile de piele. Hraneste, si balanseaza ph-ul pielii,ajuta la vindecarea si disparitia cicatricilor. Ajuta pielea sa apara mai radianta si mai tanara.

(9. Macadamia Nut Oil: SPF 6
The lightweight oil that is wonderful for all skin types. It nourishes, balances, helps to heal and fade scars. Promotes softer and younger looking skin.)

10. Uleiul de masline – FPS 4-8
Bogat in antioxidanti, protejeaza si repara pielea facand-o mai sanatoasa. Ajuta la readucerea nivelului de hidratare in piele si de asemenea o scapa de impuritati. Functioneaza si pe pielea grasa datorita texturii non-grase.

(10. Olive Oil – SPF 4-8
Rich in antioxidants, protect and repairs skin making it healthy. Olive oil will help get back the moisture in your skin and also get rid of the impurities. It works for oily skin as well due to its non-greasy nature.)


Adauga pana la 10 % din uleiul ales pentru massaj si in lotiuni si creme, sau foloseste-l nediluat. Foloseste=le de asemenea in sapunuri, ca ulei de fata, ulei de baie, demachiant sau pentru masaj pe scalp.

(Add up to 10% of the carrier oil for massage and to any creams and lotions, or use undiluted. Also use them in soaps, as a face oil, bath oil, face cleansing oiland for scalp massage.)

6. ~DIY Summer~ Prevent and Fix Self Tanner Disasters / Previne si Repara Dezastrele Autobronzarii

Obtine bronzul  stralucitor de vara perfect cu autobronzantele, urmand aceste trucuri  simple de reparare a dezastrelor autobronzarii , si deasemenea cum sa previi petele si dungile inestetice.

(Get that perfect summertime glow with self-tanners, following these simple tips on how to fix self-tanning disasters, and also how to prevent a streaky, splotchy mess.)


Previne si Repara / Prevent and Fix

Pregateste-ti pielea inainte , unul din cele mai importante  lucruri de facut este exfolierea la dus cu un scrub de de corp sau cu un burete lufa,si sa hidratezi pielea inainte de a aplica autobronzantul.

(Prep your skin beforehand. one of the most important things you want to do is exfoliate in the shower with a body scrub or loofah sponge, and moisturize, prior to applying your self tanner. Be sure to moisturize those areas like your knees, elbows, knuckles and ankles first, and then apply your self tanner to keep the dry skin from absorbing more color than necessary. Dilute the self tanner with a moisturizer to get a light medium shade.)

Dupa ce l-ai purtat si vrei sa scapi de el – Exfoliaza /After wearing it out-  Exfoliate:

Inmoaie o carpa sau manusile de exfoliat in zeama de lamaie si exfoliaza pielea . Aciditatea lamaii ajuta la dizolvarea culorii,in timp ce suprafata dura a carpei/manusilor inlatura neuniformitatea suprafetei pielii. Sau taie o lamaie in 2 si freac-o de partea prea inchisa a pielii pentru a uniformiza bronzul.
(Dip a wash cloth or exfoliating gloves in lemon juice and exfoliate the skin. The lemon juice’s acidity helps break up the color, while the rough surface of the wash cloth removes the unevenness from your skin’s surface. Cut a lemon in half and try rubbing it on over darkened parts to lighten the tan.)

Scrub cu zahar / Sugar scrub

Daca rezultatul incercarii autobronzantului este unul cu dungi exfoliaza usor cu un scrub cu zahar care v-a ajuta la egalizarea culorii . Amesteca zahar cu miere si zeama de lamaie si maseaza usor pielea.

(If you end up with a streaky-looking tan, lightly exfoliate with a sugar scrub which will helps even out the color. Mix sugar with honey and lemon juice and lightly massage it into the skin.)

Exfoliant cu bicarbonat de sodiu / Baking soda scrub:

Pentru a deschide la culoare bronzul, fa o pasta dinbicarbonat de sodiu si apa , aplica pe partea inegala si maseaza pana pielea e uniformizata.

(To lighten the tan, make a thick paste out of baking soda and water, apply it to the streaked areas and then massage it in until the streak disappears.)



DIY Cut Out Boots & Sneakers – Cum sa faci tenisi si cizme decupate

Instructiuni / Instructions:

1. Deseneaza modelul pe care doresti sa-l faci pe papuc.

(1. Draw the outline of the model that you choose to do.)

2. Taie.

(2. Cut.)

3. Ta-da! Te-ai facut cu un model/doua de papuci noi fara sa cheltui un leu.

(3. Ta-da ! You have 1/2 new pair/s of shoes without spending a cent .)