5.~DIY Summer~ Sexy Summer Pool/ Beach Hair – Par sexy vara la piscina/mare

RO: Vara poate fi cel mai frumos timp din an .. dar cu acest anotimp vin anumite  pericole pentru par precum clorul, razele UV , apa sarata si umiditatea, care pot conduce la arsuri pe scalp , par ciufulit si alte  probleme ale parului.

ENG: Summer may be the most wonderful time of year….. but with this season also comes certain hair hazards like chlorine, UV rays, salt water and humidity, which can lead to fried scalps, frizzy hair or other hair problems.

RO:Iata cateva trucuri de ingrijire a parului vara care sa le tii minte inainte sa mergi la mare/piscina:

– Previne decolorarea parului pulverizand pe el un produs cu protecte solara  sau foloseste uleiuri naturale cu factor de protectie solara(ulei de zmeura,ulei de samanta de morcovi,ulei de soia, ulei de cocos,ulei de avocado, ulei de migdale,ulei de jojoba,ulei de macadamia,ulei de masline).

– Uda-ti parul inainte sa inoti, in felul acesta nu va absorbi atat de multa apa sarata sau clor.

– Dupa ce ai petrecut mult timp la piscina sau la mare fa-ti o masca calmanta pentru ati repara orice deteriorare sau scalp ars.

ENG: Here are some summer hair care tips to keep in mind before going out to the beach:

Prevent color fading by spraying hair with a product with SPF in it or use few drops of natural oils with SPF (Red Raspberry Seed Oil,Carrot Seed Oil,Wheat germ Oil,Soya Bean Oil,Coconut Oil,Avocado Oil,Almond Oil , Jojoba Oil , Macadamia Nut Oil, Olive Oil ).

Make sure to wet your hair before swimming — that way, it won’t absorb as much salt water or chlorine.  Make a pool hair mist by adding water or use the coconut leave in conditioner to prevent damage to your hair.

– After spending time poolside or at the beach, try using cooling hair mask to repair any damage or fried scalp.

RO: Hidrateaza-ti parul cu acest amestec:

*2 linguri balsam de par

* 2 cani apa calda

Amesteca cele 2 ingrediente si pulverizeaza in par inainte sa intri in apa sau fa acest balsam de par acasa pentru un plus de protectie:

Balsam din lapte de cocos:

* jumatate de cana lapte de cocos

* 1 cana apa distilata

* cateva picaturi de ulei esential de lavanda sau la alegere.

La fel amesteca ingredientele si pulverizeaza in par amestecul inainte de a intra in apa.

ENG: Beach/Pool Conditioning Hair Mist:
* 2 tbsp of hair conditioner
* 2 cups of warm water

Mix the ingredients together and spray it on your hair before entering the swimming pool or use his DIY leave in coconut conditioner to protect your hair while swimming.

 Coconut Milk Leave in Conditioner Spray
* 1/2 cup Coconut Milk

* 1 cup distilled water
* Few drops of lavender oil or any other essential oil.



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