Skin Care Tips For Your 20’s / Sfaturi de Ingrijire a Pielii La 20 De Ani

Inainte sa desfaci un alt pai, stiai ca tuguind buzele imprejurul unui pai de baut iti poate cauza riduri? Daca vrei sa minimizezi semnele imbatranirii, sunt cateva obiceiuri care trebuie sa le stapanesti devreme. La 20 de ani oamenii cred ca sunt invincibili, si ca nu o sa imbatraneasca niciodata, dar atunci este  de fapt timpul sa iti  intre in obisnuinta unele obiceiuri bune pentru a te tine intreaga viata. Mai jos o sa gasesti secretele mentinerii acelui ten tanar si stralucitor `pentru mai mult timp. Si cand vine vorba de piele 30-ul e noul 20 pana la urma.

(Before you unwrap another straw, did you know that pursing your lips around one actually causes wrinkles? If you want to minimize the signs of aging, there are a few habits you need to master early on. In their 20s, people think they’re invincible and that they’re never going to age, but that is when you really need to develop good habits, because it will last you a lifetime. Below you’ll find the secrets to maintaining that youthful glow for longer. So when it comes to your skin, maybe 30 is the new 20 after all.)

1. Nu e niciodata prea devreme sa incepi sa imbtranesti. Ce inseamna probabil ca deja citesti asta prea tarziu.  Mereu spun cu cat mai devreme cu atat mai bine, pentru ca daca stii ca o sa trebuiasca sa ai grja de linii atunci ar fi mai bine sa incepi mai deveme. Primul pas este sa incepi sa folosesti protectie solara cu spectrumul larg, care iti va proteja pielea impotriva imbatranirii cauzate de razele UV.

  ( 1. It’s never too early to start antiaging. Which probably means you’re reading this too late. I always say the sooner the better because if you know you’re going to care about lines then you might as well start sooner. The first step is using a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which will protect you against aging caused by the sun’s UV rays.)

2. Chiar daca folosesti produse anti-aging tot imbatranesti. Iata cateva vesti rele: pierdem totul odata cu inaintarea in varsta, din pacate, deci nu este cale de scapare. O sa pierzi colagen si tesutul eleasticizat si pielea ta se va lasa. Pielea se va intari si pigmentul nu va mai fi atat de egal. De asemenea toate lucrurile acestea vor deveni mai urate odata cu daunele provocate de soare.

(2. Even if you are using antiaging, you’re still aging. Here’s some bad news: we’re losing everything as we age, unfortunately, so there is no way out of it. You’re going to lose collagen and elastic tissue, so your skin is going to get saggier. Your skin is going to get rougher, and the pigment isn’t going to be as even. Also, all those things get worse with sun damage.)

3. Trecand pest protectie solara este cea mai mare greseala pe car o poti face. Lumea spune ca este o pierdere de timp, dar de fapt este ca spalatul pe dinti in ficare zi – asta dureaza 30 de secunde. Dintre toate cremele i tratamentele anti-aging pe care le poti cumpara , protectia solara este cea mai ieftina si mai eficienta cale. Si o sa vrei sa intri in obiceiul de a purta protectie solara in fiecare zi.

(3. Skipping sunscreen is the biggest mistake you ever made. People say it’s so time consuming, but really just like you brush your teeth every day — that’s 30 seconds.Of all the antiaging creams and treatments you can buy, sunscreen is the most inexpensive and effective route. So, you’ll want to get in the habit of wearing SPF 30 every day.)

4. Nu rata mainile si gatul. De multe ori vad persoane cu fata care arata tanara si cu mainile si gatul imbatranite. Aceste trei aree sunt cele mai expuse la soare, si de aceea ceea ce faci pentru fata trebuie sa faci si pentru maini si gat.

(4. Don’t skip the neck (and hands). A lot of times I see people with a young-looking face and old-looking hands and neck. Those three areas are chronically sun exposed, so whatever you do for your face you also want to do to your hands and neck.)

5. Bautul cu paiul cauzeaza riduri. Orice fel de miscare repetitiva a muchilor fetei cauzeaza riduri. Zambeste in fiecare zi si vei capta linii in jurul gurii, sau daca te incrunti te vei alege cu linii de expresie, dar ce sa-i faci? Nu poti sta ca o mumie ! Aceasta problema este usor de prevenit folosind retinol noaptea imprejurul gurii si pe frunte.

(5. Drinking from a straw does cause wrinkles.  Any kind of repetitive muscle movement will cause wrinkles. Smile every day and you get a smile line, or if you frown you’re going to get a frown line, but what are you going to do? You can’t stand like a mummy!This problem is easily solved by using a retinol at night around the mouth and on the forehead.)

(6. Eye cream really is worth buying. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on the body, meaning that is where wrinkles will appear first. By your mid-20s, find an eye cream that will restore moisture to that area and ward off crow’s-feet. Sunglasses that protect against UV rays are also a must have for your beach days.)

7. A-ul din antiaging vine de la antioxidanti. Machiajul. poate acoperi multe imperfectiuni, dar acea stralucire sanatoasa din interior , vine de la o dieta plina de antioxidanti. In perioada anilor 20 , obisnuieste-te sa mananci fructe de padure, fasole si ciocolata neagra.

(7. The A in antiaging stands for antioxidants. Makeup can cover up a lot of imperfections, but that healthy glow from within comes from a diet packed with antioxidants. While you’re in your 20s, get in the habit of noshing on berries, beans, and dark chocolate.)

 8. Nu sta picior peste picior. Desi genetica joaca un rol indiferent daca iti va aparea sau nu vene varicoase pe picioare, sunt cateva lucruri de facut pentru a le preveni. Incearca sa nu stai picior peste picior. Daca trebuie sa stai o perioada lunga de timp , muta-ti greutatea de pe o parte pe alta. Si incearca sa porti ciorapi de sprijin în avion.)

(8. Don’t cross your legs. While genetics play a role in whether you’ll end up with varicose veins on your legs, there are a few things you can do to prevent them. Try not to cross your legs. If you must stand for long periods of time, move weight from side to side. And try wearing support stockings on an airplane.)

9. Evita fumatul sub orice forma. Poate ca ai tras cateva fumuri in perioada rebela de adolescent, dar fumatul este un obicei rau pentru piele care trebuie intrerupt cat mai repede. Impiedica aprovizionarea sangelelui la piele, facand imbatranirea mai vizibila, si de fiecare data cand inhalezi, cauzezi riduri imprejurul buzelor.

(9. Avoid smoking at all costs. We know you might have taken a few puffs in your rebellious teen years, but smoking is a bad skin habit to break ASAP. It restricts the blood supply to the skin, making aging more obvious, and each time you inhale, you’re causing wrinkles around your lips.)

10. Ai acnee? Viziteaza un dermatolog. In timp ce produsele fara prescriptie sunt usor de gasit, de cele mai multe ori e mai bine sa vezi un profesionist pentru a previne aparitia cicatricilor . Daca te-ai ales cu cicatrici , e mai greu sa scapi de ele decat sa le previi.

(10. Got acne? See a dermatologist. While over-the-counter products are easy to find, sometimes it’s best to see a professional in order to keep acne scarring to a minimum. If you start to get scars, they’re harder to get rid of than they are to prevent.)

11. Aminteste-ti sa fii activa. Exercitiile inmultesc proviziile de sange pentru piele, facand-o mai sanatoasa, si se va vedea.

(11. Remember to stay active. Exercise increases the blood supply to your skin, making it healthier, and it will show.)

12. Obisnuieste-te cu dusurile calii. In timp ce un dus fierbinte poate fi relaxant, caldura poate fi uscacioasa pentru par si piele. Lasa apa la temperatura mai scazuta pentru a capta hidratare. Ai cu jumatate mai putin par la 40 ca atunci cand ai 20. Parul devine mai uscat, mai aspru si isi pierde din stralucire. Si ai nevoie de toata hidratatrea posibila. Si de asemenea este o idee buna sa te speli mai rar pe cap pentru a pastra uleiurile naturale ale scalpului care odata cu imbatranire scad.

(12. Get used to lukewarm showers. While a steaming hot shower can be relaxing, the heat is actually drying to your hair and skin. Tone it down to a moderate temperature to lock in moisture. You have half as much hair at 40 than you do at 20. Hair becomes dryer, more brittle, and is not as shiny and resilient. So, you’ll need all the moisture you can get. It’s also a good idea to wash hair less often as we age to preserve the natural oils on the scalp, which decrease with age, too.)

13. Avem incredere in retinol. Retinolul este un produs vindeca-tot pentru problemele pielii tale si este sigur pentru a incepe sa-l foloseste de la 20 de ani. Retinol-ul este un produs usor de folosit pentru ca ajuta la tratarea petelor inchise si a decolorarii. In plus iti lumineaza si uniformizeaza tonul pielii.

(13. In retinol we trust. Retinol is a cure-all product for your skin care woes and is safe to start using in your 20s. Retinol is an easy product to use because that helps with dark spots and discoloration. Plus, it brightens and evens your skin tone.)

14. Spune nu lampii cu caldura.  Cand iti faci suvite dechise, evita lampa cu caldura si lasa culoarea sa se dezvolte natural. Excesul de caldura plus chimicalele pot fi de doua ori mai daunatoare parului tau.

(14. Just say no to the heat lamp. When you’re getting highlights, avoid the heat lamp and just let the color develop naturally. The excess heat plus chemicals can be twice as damaging to your hair.)

15. Stabileste-ti rutina de ingrijire. Cu toate aceste sfaturi, sunt cateva ingrediente dupa care sa te uiti in magazin: soia si vitamina C pentru a ilumina, peptide pentru inmultirea producerii de colagen, retinoizi si de asemene protectie solara.

(15. Lock down your antiaging routine. With all these tips, there are a few ingredients to look out for in the drugstore: soy and vitamin C for brightening, peptides to increase collagen production, retinoids and of course sunscreen!)


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