The Oil Cleansing Method / Metoda Demachierii cu Ulei

oily skin-oil cleansing method
Ar putea metoda demachierii cu ulei sa fie raspunsul tau?

In postarea anterioara despre beauty v-am povestit de ce nu este bine sa dormim cu machiajul pe fata. Sincer mi-a ajuns cu demachiantele sapunoase. Am vrut sa folosesc ceva cat mai natural posibil si cu cat mai putine ingrediente.

ENG: Could the Oil Cleansing Method be Your Answer to Clear Skin?
In the last beauty post I told you why you shouldn’t sleep with makeup on and now I’m giving you a method to clean your face. I had finally had enough with soapy face wash. I wanted to use something as natural as possible with the fewest ingredients I could find.

Am dat peste cateva articole care vorbesc despre metoda demachierii cu apa, dar am ezitat sa o incerc pentru ca nu parea prea curatator, fara sa mentionez uscacios. Am vrut ceva mai hidratant care, in acelasi imp sa curete. Si am dat peste metoda curatarii cu ulei.
Poate parea putin ciudat sa iei in considerare metoda aceasta mai ales daca ai pielea grasa. Dar contrar celor crezute, metoda curatarii cu ulei nu ingrasa pielea sau cauzeaza acnee.Inculpatul in acest caz poate fi o dieta saraca in vitamine si in mancaruri rele si dezechilibre hormonale.
ENG: I’ve run across a few articles that talk about the water cleansing method, but I was hesitant to try this out because it didn’t seem very cleansing at all, not to mention drying. I wanted something a bit more moisturizing that still offered cleansing benefits. That’s when I came across the oil cleansing method.  Folosind ulei pe post de demachiant te va ajuta de fapt sa iti cureti pielea , lasandu-ti-o hidratanta, supla si stralucitoare!
Alright, so it might seem a bit odd to consider cleansing your face with oil, especially if you have oily skin to begin with. But contrary to popular belief, the oil cleansing method doesn’t cause oily skin or acne at all. That culprit is usually a combination of poor diet choices and hormone imbalances.Using oil as a cleanser will actually help clear your complexion, leaving your skin moisturized, supple, and glowing!

De ce?

RO: Sa vorbim prima data de ce se intampla cand folosim demachiante conventionale..
Demachiantele obisnuite cu scrisul ,,fara ulei” ,pe ele, sunt desemnate sa iti elimine si uleiurile naturale ale pielii. Aceasta alterare contribuie la acea senzatie de fata stransa, cu mancarimi, si foarte curata. Aceasta = RAU! Demachiantele sapunoase si spumoase cauzeaza mai mult rau decat bine. In plus iti imbatranesc pielea uscand-o, si ajutand ridurile sa se formeze mai usor. Multi dermatologi sustin ca trebuie sa iti cureti uleiurile naturale ale pielii ca sa o cureti bine.
Dar tin sa ii contrazic ! Uleiurile noastre naturale ale pielii sunt acolo pntru un motiv. Ele protejeaza pielea de mediul inconjurator, o mentin hidratata si mentin un pH balansat, care te feresc de bacteriile care cauzeaza  acneea.
Cand ueiurile naturale sunt eliminate, pielea noastra incepe sa  supracompenseze producand din ce in ce mai mult ulei. Este acelasi lucru ca atunci cand iti speli parul prea des. Parul tau incepe sa fie din ce in ce mai gras, si incepi sa te speli in fiecare zi.
Cu acestea fiind spuse, pielea ta incepe de asemenea sa fie prea uscata, atunci cand folosesti un demachiant normal, pentru ca pielea nu este in gradul de a compensa uleiul pierdut. Asta creeaza doar opusul.. piele uscata, terna care devine imposuibil de controlat.
Folosind uleiuri iti vei repara amandoua problemele. Orice fel de piele ai, metoda curatarii cu ulei ti-o va balansa, aducand=o la starea ei naturala si la constitutia unica cu doar unul sau doua ingrediente. Nu sunt chimicale dure implicate. Fara spuma care elimina uleiurile, si asta = BINE.

ENG: Why is this?
So first let’s talk about what happens when you use conventional cleansers….
Conventional cleansers dubbed with the “oil free” stamp of approval are designed to strip off the skin’s natural oils. This adulteration contributes to that tight, itchy, squeaky clean feeling. This = BAD! Soapy, foamy, stripping cleansers cause more harm than good. Plus, they age your skin by drying it out, making it easier for wrinkles to form. Many dermatologists will say that you need to remove your skin’s natural oils in order to clear it…
But I beg to differ! Our natural oils are there for a reason. They protect our skin from the environment, keep it moisturized, and support a strict PH balance that keeps acne causing bacteria in check.
When the natural oils are removed, our skin begins to overcompensate by producing more and more oil. This is the same thing that happens when you wash your hair too often. Your hair gets greasier and greasier, and pretty soon, you can’t go a single day without washing it.
That being said, your skin can also become too dry when using conventional cleansers because the skin is not able to compensate for the loss of oil. This creates just the opposite…dry flaky skin that seems impossible to deal with.
Using the oil cleansing method will fix both issues. No matter what skin type you have, the oil cleansing method allows your skin to balance itself, bringing it back to its natural state and unique constitution with just one or two ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals involved. No suds that will strip your oils. And this = GOOD.

RO: Cum functioneaz metoda demachierii cu ulei?

Dupa chimia de baza, uleiul dizolva uleiul. Cea mai buna cale pentru ati hrani uleiurile naturale ale pielii este sa folosesti alte uleiuri care sunt similare in compozitie pentru a o curata. Odata ce gasesti amestecul perfect, uleiurile pot efectiv sa-ti inlature impuritatile si bacteria din adancul porilor. Metoda aceasta dizolva punctele negre, punctele albe si balanseaza pielea uscata, uleioasa, sensibila si cu acnee in timp ce o hidrateaza si o hraneste. Nu o sa mai ai nevoie sa cumperi alt demachiant sau alta crema hidratanta vreodata. Cat de cool este asta?

ENG: How Does the Oil Cleansing Method Work?

According to basic chemistry, oil dissolves oil. Or even more simply “like dissolves like”. The best way to nurture your skin’s natural oils is to use other oils that are similar in composition to cleanse it. Once you find the right mix, oils can effectively remove impurities and bacteria from deep within the pores. The oil cleansing method will dissolve blackheads, extract whiteheads, and balance dry, oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin while nourishing and moisturizing it. You’ll never need to buy another cleanser or moisturizer again! How cool is that?

RO: Si ce trebuie sa facem? Ma bucur ca ati intrebat!
Sa incepem:
1. Alegeti uleiurile.

Daca nu esti sigura ce uleiuri sunt mai bune pentru pielea ta, o sa revin in cateva zile cu acest articol ,,Care sunt cele mai bune uleiuri pentru pielea ta”.
Eu personal, imi place sa folosesc uleiul de cocos si tin un borcanas cu ulei la dus (uleiul de jojoba este foarte bun de asemenea). Merge foarte bine sa iti inlaturi machiajul si inlatura chiar si rimelul rezistent la apa(ai grija sa nu-ti intre in ochi). Eu deobicei masez bine uleiul 2 minute in piele pentru a scoate cu adevarat murdaria si pentru a obtine o circulatie buna. Asta ajuta la dezumflarea zonei din jurul ochilor si la reducerea cearcanelor. In plus e relaxant si , de ce nu, nu?
Daca uleiul de cocos nu functioneaza pentru tine, recomnd uleiul de masline extravirgin. Uleiul de masline este un ulei ete un hidratant minunat si hraneste , vindeca, si e recomandat pentru toate tipurile de ten.
Iata cateva uleiuri care le poti lua in considerare:
• Uleiul de avocado – recomandat pentru toate tipurile de ten, in special pentru tenul uscat, cu mancarimi, sensibil sau care imbatraneste.
•Ulei de nucleu de caise – pentru toate tipurile de ten, in special pentru uscat, sensibil, imbatranit sau normal.
•Uleiul de seminte de struguri- pentru toate tipurile de ten, in special pentru cele cu acnee si grase.
•Uleiul de jojoba – pentru toate tipurile de ten, in special pentru tenul cu acnee sau gras.
•Ulei de nuci de kukui – pentru toate tipurile de ten, in special pentru uscat sau normal.
•Ulei de migdale dulci – pentru toate tipurile de ten, in special pentru gras sau normal.
Uleiul de ricin poate fi cam dur ca demachiant pentru pielea sensibila,acneica (prea uscacios), dar poate functiona pentru unele persoane daca e amestecat cu alte uleiuri,in cantitati egale ,sau mai mici daca ai pielea uscata. Foloseste cantitatea perfecta pentru tipul tau de ten.

ENG: “So what do we do?” I’m glad you asked!

 1. Choose your oils.

If you’re not sure about which oils are best, I’m gona do in a few days an article about ,,the best oils for your skin type” =)
I personally love using coconut oil and keep a little tub of it in the shower (I also REALLY love jojoba oil too). It works great as a makeup remover and will even remove waterproof mascara (be careful not to get it in your eyes!). I will usually massage the oil into my skin for around 2 minutes to really get the grime off and to create some good circulation. This will help de-puff the area around your eyes and reduce dark circles. Plus it feels relaxing, so why not right?
If coconut oil doesn’t work for you, I would recommend pure extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer and will nourish, heal, and support all skin types.

Here’s a few oils that you may want to consider:

• Avocado Oil- For all skin types, especially dry, itchy, sensitive, or aging
• Apricot Kernel Oil- For all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, aging, or normal
• Grape Seed Oil- For all skin types, especially acne-prone or oily
• Jojoba Oil- For all skin types, especially acne-prone, oily, sensitive, or normal
• Kukui Nut Oil- For all skin types, especially dry or normal
• Sweet Almond Oil- For all skin types, especially oily or normal

Using castor oil as a facial cleanser it may be a bit harsh for someone with sensitive, acne prone skin (way too drying)but the trick to using castor oil is using the correct ratio of castor oil and carrier oil that works best for you. If your skin feels too dry after using it, use a bit less castor oil. Experiment and you’ll find what ratio is best for your skin’s needs.

RO: Iata cateva rapoarte populare de ulei de ricin cu alte uleiuri daca vrei sa-l incerci:
• Piele uleioasa- 30% ulei de ricin 70% un ulei la alegere (ca ulei de cocos, ulei de migdale dulci,ulei de jojoba..).
• Piele normala – 20% ulei de ricin  80% un ulei la alegere.
• Piele uscata – 10% ulei de ricin 90% un ulei la alegere.
• Piele foarte uscata – 0% ulei de ricin  100% ulei la alegere.
Un raport bun de tinut minte este raportul treimii:
• 1 ligura ulei de ricin
• 1 lingura ulei de jojoba
• 1 lingura ulei de migdale dulci

Pune uleiurile intr-o sticluta pe care poti apasa si amesteca bine. Tine-o la dus pentru a o folosi mai usor. Poti adauga 2-3 picaturi din uleiurile esentiale favorite daca vrei o experienta de curatare luxurioasa. Imi place uleiul de arbore de ceai , lavanda, sau rozmarin cel mai mult.

ENG: Here’s some popular castor oil ratios if you’d like to give castor oil a go:

• Oily Skin- 30% castor oil to 70% carrier oil (like Coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil…ect!)
• Normal Skin- 20% castor oil to 80% carrier oil
• Dry Skin- 10% castor oil to 90% carrier oil
• Very Dry Skin- 0% castor oil to 100% carrier oil

A handy ratio to keep in mind is the thirds ratio.
• 1 tsp castor oil
• 1 tsp jojoba oil
• 1 tsp sweet almond oil

Put the oils in a small squeeze bottle and shake it up. Keep it in the shower for easy use. You can add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil if you so desire for a more luxurious cleansing experience. I like tea tree, lavender, or rosemary essential oil the most!

RO: 2. Maseaza-l
Aloca o cantitate de un sfert de ulei in palma. Freaca-ti palmele impreuna si apoi in timp ce fata ta este u scata, freaca uleiul in piele cu miscari circulare si relaxeaza-te. Maseaza-ti pielea cel putin 2 minute. Aceasta va ‪ elibera tensiunea, imbunatati circulatia si va face pielea ferma.
ENG: 2. Massage it in
Apply a quarter sized amount of oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then , while your face is still dry, rub the oil into your skin in a circular motion and relaaaax. Massage your skin for at least 2 minutes. This will release tension, improve circulation, and firm up the skin.

RO: 3.Deschide porii
Odata ce ai terminat de masat uleiul, aplica o carpa calda pe fata 10-15 secunde pentru ati deschide porii. Vaporizand fata in acest fel vei extrage impuritatile si bacteria, inlocuind uleiul murdar cu unul nou si hranitor.
ENG: 3. Open the Pores
Once you have finished massaging in the oil, apply a nice hot washcloth over your face for 10-15 seconds to open your pores. Steaming your face like this will extract impurities and bacteria, replacing the icky oil with fresh nourishing oil.
RO: 4. Sterge-o
Foloseste carpa calda pentru a sterge usor uleiul de pe fata. Stoarce carpa si mai aplic-o o data pe fata pentru a te asigura ca ai sters tot. Sterge fata Inca o data usor. Pielea ta ar trebui sa se simta moale si curata.

ENG: 4. Wipe Off
Use the hot washcloth to gently wipe away the oil. Wring out the washcloth and apply it over the face one more time to make sure that you’ve extracted everything. Gently wipe your face again. Your skin should feel soft and clean.

RO: Cat de des ar trebui sa folosesc metoda demachierii cu ulei?
Nu ar trebui sa foloseste demachierea cu ulei mai mult de data pe zi. Imi place sa folosesc aceasta metoda inainte de a merge la culcare mai mult, pentru ca imi place sa merg la somn cu fata curata fara machiaj, dar cu siguranta o poti folosi si dimineata. Dimineata deobicei imi place sa aplic apa de trandafiri pe fata si s-o masez pana se usuca. Apa de trandafiri este minunata.

ENG: How Often Should I Use The Oil Cleansing Method?
You shouldn’t need to use the oil cleansing method more than once a day. I like to use the oil cleansing method before bedtime mostly because I like going to sleep with a clean face with no makeup, but you can certainly use this method in the AM too. In the AM, I usually just spritz my face with rosewater and massage it around and then dab it dry. rosewater is glorious!

RO: Cum sa imbunatatesc efectul metodei curatarii cu ulei
Cea mai usoara metoda sa o imbunatatesti este sa adaugi 2 picaturi din uleiul tau esential preferat sau ce fel de ulei folosesti. Asta va face metoda curatarii cu ulei mai luxoasa si modificata dupa bunul tau plac. Uleiurile esentiale sunt foarte concentrate deci vei avea nevoie de foarte putine picaturi pentru ca ele sa fie efective. Niciodata nu pune uleiuri esentiale direct pe piele pentru ca pot irita sau chiar arde pielea (NICI FEMEILE INSARCINATE NU LE POT FOLOSI).

ENG: How to Boost the Effectiveness of the Oil Cleansing Method
The easiest way to “kick it up a notch” is to add a drop or 2 of your favorite essential oil or whatever oil it is that you’re using. This will make your cleansing oil more luxurious and customized to your exact needs. Essential oils are very concentrated, so you only need a few drops for them to be effective. Never put essential oils directly on the skin because they can be quite irritating or even burn the skin (PREGNANT WOMEN CAN’T USE THEM).

RO: Te simti stresata? Adauga niste ulei esential de lavanda sau trandafir.
Te simti obosita? Adauga niste ulei esential de neroli,lamaie sau alt ulei de citrice.
Ai acnee? Adauga niste ulei esential de arbore de ceai, iarba de limon, lavanda, muscata, menta, rozmarin, Helichrysum sau lemn de santal.
Piele uscata? Adauga ulei esential de lavanda, trandafir, lemn de santal,ylang ylang, sau musetel.
Piele grasa? Adauga ulei esential de chiparos, lavanda, ienupar, grapefruit, lemn de cedru, sau iarba de limon
Combinatiile de uleiuri esentiale sunt nenumarate si nu poti gresi cand alegi, din moment ce toate uleiurile esentiale sunt antibacterice, antimicrobiale, antifungice, si foarte benefice pentru piele in general(gandeste-te la anti imbatranire).

ENG: Feeling stressed? Add some lavender or rose.
Feeling down? Add some neroli, lemon or any other citrus essential oil.
Have acne? Add some tea tree oil, lemongrass, lavender, geranium, peppermint, rosemary, helichrysum or sandalwood.
Dry Skin? Add lavender, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, or chamomile.
Oily Skin? Add Lemon, cypress, lavender, juniper, grapefruit, cedarwood, or lemongrass.

The combinations for essential oils are endless and you really can’t go wrong when choosing which ones to use since all essential oils are antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and just down right beneficial for the skin in general (think anti-aging!).

RO: Pozitivele
• Sunt minunate pentru piele si lucreaza minunat pentru toate tipurile de ten
• Ajuta la curatarea acneei
• Combate uscaciunea si iritatiile
• Face pielea stralucitoare si luminoasa
• Previne ridurile
• Este super naturala fara chimicale dure
• Este un demachiant fantastic.. si ieftin
• Nu elimina uleiurile naturale ale pielii
• Inlocuieste si demachiantele si cremele

• Poate dura cateva saptamani ca pielea ta sa se obisnuiasca
• Poate fi mai scump decat un demachiant normal depinzand de ce fel de ulei folosesti
• Pielea ta poate deveni uscata, la inceput

ENG: The Pros-
• It’s great for the skin and works for every skin type.
• Helps to clear up acne
• Combats dryness and irritation
• Makes the skin glowy and dewy
• Prevents wrinkles
• It’s super natural with no harsh chemicals
• It’s a fantastic makeup remover…and CHEAP
• It doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural oils
• Replaces both cleansers and moisturizers
The Cons-
• It can take time for your skin to adjust (usually a few weeks)
• It can be more expensive than a normal cleanser depending on which oils you use
• Your skin may become dry at first

RO: Unele uleiuri cand nu sunt cele potrivite pentru tenul tau, poate crea celule uscate care iti incarca porii. Daca asta este cazul tau, incearca uleiuri care sunt mai gentile si mai usoare,ca uleiul de jojoba. Uleiul de jojoba poate fi mai scump, dar ai nevoie de doar careva picaturi pe pielea umeda. O sticluta poate dura mai mult decat un demachiant normal.
     ENG: Some oils, when they are not the right ones for your skin, can create dry skin cells that might clog pores. If this is the case for you, try oils that are gentler and lighter like jojoba oil. Jojoba oil may be a bit more expensive, but you really only need a few drops on damp skin. A little bottle lasts way longer than regular cleansers .

     Sper ca asta sa va ajute.

  Hope this helps! =)




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  2. Buna! Foarte interesant articolul si chiar vreau sa incerc aceasta metoda. Doar ca am o intrebare. Amestecul de ulei il aplicam asa pe fata machiata, uscata? Si dupa ce masam uleiul pe fata presupun ca se murdareste de la machiaj. Si daca lasam uleiul ala murdar, cu prosopul ud peste, care va deschide porii, nu intra tocmai uleiul acela murdar? Si mi se pare ca nu rezolvam nimic. 😕 Multumesc anticipat pentru un eventual raspuns!

    1. Da il aplici direct pe fata uscata.. Machiajul se dizolva, apoi il inlaturi si de la suprafata si din pori.Daca iti aduci aminte de punctul :,, 3.Deschide porii
      Odata ce ai terminat de masat uleiul, aplica o carpa calda pe fata 10-15 secunde pentru ati deschide porii. Vaporizand fata in acest fel vei extrage impuritatile si bacteria, inlocuind uleiul murdar cu unul nou si hranitor.” Daca nu, poti folosi si apa rece. Eu nu am avut probleme pana acum. Si am folosit si apa rece si apa calda. O zi frumoasa!

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