Stylish Ways To Wear A Plain White T-Shirt / Modalitati De A Purta Un Tricou Alb Cu Stil

Tricoul alb este unul dintre cele mai folosite piese vestimentare in ziua de azi. De ce?Pentru ca se asorteaza de la tinutele sport, la edgy, la grunge s.a.m.d pana la cele elegante. Iar in umatoarele imagini asta vei vedea, cate un pic din toate.

The white tshirt is today the most used clothing piece . Why? Because it matches from sport outfits, edgy, grunge etc. to elegant outfits. And in the next pictures you’ll see a little bit of everything.

Cu Tartan / With Tartantartan ootd

tartan white tee hat

tartan shirt ootd


Totul Alb / All White

all white ootd


mesh tee


Cu Pantaloni Colorati / With Colorful Pants 






colorfull jeans


Cu Sacou / With a Blazer

pink blazer

Pastel Pink Blazer


cream blazer white tshirt


neon blazer white tshirt


Jacheta Biker / Biker Jacket

biker jacket


motor biker jacket



Cu Fusta / With A Skirt


white tee white skirt






white tee and floral skirt


Cu Un Colier Statement / With A Statement Necklace





Cu Accesorii Neon / With Neon Accesories



white tee


Cu Tenisi / With Sneakers

white tee and sneakers


Cu Salopeta / With Overrals





Cu Un Trench / With A Trench 

studded trench


Tu cum il porti? Lasa-mi raspuns mai jos!

How do you wear it ? Leave me a comment below !




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