Parisian Style Essentials / Piesele de Rezistenta al Stilului Parisian

Iata cateva piese cheie pentru a te asigura ca garderoba ta este parisian-chic. Toate aceste piese esentiale care nu-si pierd niciodata valoarea sunt ceea ce orice femeie ar trebui sa le aiba in garderoba, in opinia mea.

Here are some key items to help make sure your wardrobe is Parisian-chic.  All of these are timeless essentials that every woman should have, in my opinion!

parisian style wadrobe

1. Rochia neagra simpla / The simple black dress

simple black dress, parisian style

2. Tricoul in Dungi / The Striped Tee

striped blouse perfect jeans parisian style

3. Jeansii Perfecti / The Perfect Jeans

jeans,striped tee parisian style

4. Camasa Barbateasca / The Menswear Shirt

menswear shirt parisian style

5. Clasicul Trenci sau Jacketa Biker / The Classic Trench or Leather Jacket


6. Puloverul Larg / The Slouchy Sweater

slouchy sweater

7. Clasicul Blazer / The Classc Taylored Blazer

black blazer , parisian style

8. Geanta Perfecta / The Perfect Bag

perfect bag parisian style

9. Garderoba de Incaltaminte / The Shoe Wardrobe

shoes flats parisian style

shoes prisian style

10. Rochia Simpla De Zi / The Simple Day Dress

parisian style lilac dress

Nu uita de machiaj. Fata ar trebui sa fie cat mai naturala si perfectacu un pic de concealer, blush ai rujul rosu care e un must ca machiaj de zi, iar ca machiaj de seara un mokey eye simplu cu un fard crema si deasupra aplicat balsam de buze pentru a adauga stralucire ochilor. Nu contura fata, dar in loc de asta ilumineaza punctele inalte ale fetei. Citez Makeup Artista Violette : ,, Rujul rosu este un accesoriu fashion. Asa ca nu purtam nici un altfel de machiaj cu el. Apoi parul nostru (al femeilor franceze) trebuie sa fie dezordonat, pielea noastra trebuie sa fie perfecta, apoi vom purta doar jeansi si tocuri pentru ca rujul rosu este piesa de rezistenta.”

Don’t forget about the makeup. The face should be natural with concealer, blush and  a touch of red lipstick wich is a must for day, and for night an easy smokey eye with a creamy eyeshadow and some lip balm on it to ad dewyness to the eyes. Don’t contour, instead just highlight. Quoting the french Makeup Artist Violette : ,,Red lipstick is a fashion accessory. So we won’t wear any other makeup with it. Then our (french women) hair has to be messy, our skin has to be perfect, and we’ll just wear jeans and heels because the lipstick makes the statement.”

Si daca chiar vrei sa te regasesti in stilul parisian incearca sa decorezi si casa la fel folosind piesele esentiale pentru casa.

And if you really want to refind yourself in the parisian way try to redecorate your house in a french way, using the parisian home essentials.

parisian home



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