What Shoes To Wear With Shorts / Ce incaltaminte sa porti cu pantaloni scurti

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RO: Când vine vorba dedezgolireapicioareleînpantaloni scurți, tipuldepantofipurtațieste foarte important. Tocuri prea inalte, șie riscant, tocuri prea joaseșipicioareleintra pe teritoriuloroare! Din acest motiv, amadunatunghid privindcele mai bune modele de pantofide purtat cu principalele modele de pantaloni scurti de vara(cu talie înaltă , denim, ș.a.m.d). Deruleazapagina mai jos si savureaza!

ENG: When it comes to baring your legs in shorts, the type of shoe you wear is of importance. Too high of heels, and you risk coming across risqué, too short and your legs enter stubby territory—the horror! Because of this, I assembled a guide on the best shoes to wear with summer’s key shorts styles (think: high-wasted, denim, and beyond). Scroll through for my roundup, and enjoy .

Pantaloni scurti croiti/…

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