4. ~ DIY Summer~ Make your body glow / Piele stralucitoare acasa

Makeup brushes , Clothes & Passion

RO: Fa-ti pielea stralucitoare si  radianta hidratand-o , iluminand-o si facand-o ferma cu aceste tratamente naturale.

ENG: Make your skin glow-y, dewy and radiant by hydrating, firming, and brightening with these natural treatments.

RO: Piele stralucitoare cu periajul uscat :

Periajul uscat ajuta la curatarea celulelor moarte cu blandete, curata pielea si ajuta la regenerarea celulelor, dezvaluind o piele neteda si radianta. Maseaza o cantitate mica de ulei de cocos sau avocado pe toata suprafata pielii dupa exfoliere. Uleiul contine grasime , care reîmprospătează si hidrateaza pielea fara a lasa reziduri grase.

ENG: Glowing skin with dry brushing:
Dry brushing helps to buff off dead skin cells gently, it sloughs off dead skin cells and helps skin cells regenerate, revealing smooth, glowing skin.  Massage a small amount of coconut oil or avocado oil all over the body after dry brushing . The oil contains fat, which refreshes and hydrates…

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