2016 Hair Trends / Trenduri Coafuri in Anul 2016

RO: Sunt modalitati diferite prin care poti sa-ti schimbi look-ul pentru a arata mai bine. Unele sunt considerate a fi scumpe, in timp ce altele nu necesita cheltuirea banilor sau consumarea timpului in exces cum ar fi schimbarea tunsorii sau a coafurii. In fiecare an poti gasi trenduri noi de coafuri care apar in show-uri de moda diferite , pentru a ajuta femeile sa isi gaseasca ceea ce i se potriveste fiecareia in parte . Este greu de spus ca orice coafura presentata in fiecare an poate sa se potriveasca fiecarei femei, pentru ca pur si simplu femeile au gusturi diferite si decizia are de a face si cu forma fetei, lungimea si de asemenea si varsta desigur care deobicei te controleaza atunci cand vrei o noua coafura. Sa incepem sa descoperim cateva dintre cele 10 cele mai hot coafuri din anul 2016, care sunt prezentate mai jos,pentru ati schimba look-ul in noul an..

ENG: There are several ways through which you can change your look to be more gorgeous. Some of these ways are considered to be unaffordable for costing a lot of money, while there are other ways that do not require wasting your money or even spending a long time such as changing your hairstyle or haircut. Every year, you can find new hairstyle trends that appear in different fashion shows to allow all women to find what suits them. It is difficult to say that the hairstyles which are presented every year suit all women because women simply differ in their taste and deciding the most appropriate hairstyle is also based on the shape of the face, the length of the hair and of course the age that sometimes controls you when you choose a new hairstyle. Let’s start discovering the top 10 hottest hairstyles for women that are presented here to change your hairstyle and get a new look in the new year.

  1. Coditele / Pigtails

2. Coada de cal / Ponytails


3. Parul Cret Natural / Natural Curls


4. Onduleurile / Catchy Waves


5. Impletiturile / Braids


6. Bretonul / Bangs


7. Cocul Imperfect / Messy Bun


8. Carare pe Mijloc sau Pe O Parte / Center or Side Part


10. Scurt de tot / Buzz Cut


Alte coafuri super dragute / Other Super Cute Hairstyles

RO: Dintre care : baby hairs, crimps, par drept, par ud, tucked-in hair, par rasucit, bob deasupra umarului, miniature plaits , half up bun.

ENG: Wich are : baby hairs, crimps, straight hair, wet hair, tucked-in hair, twisted hair, above the shoulder bobs, miniature plaits , half up bun.





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