DIY Colorful Gutar Video Tutorial! / Chitara Colorata De Tine | Video


Uite-te la video aici! / Watch the video here!


RO: Primul pas: Aplica un strat alb de vopsea acrylica pe post de baza.

Pasul 2: Aplica un al doilea strat de alb dupa ce s-a uscat primul (dupa 20 de minute).

Pasul 3: Incepe sa aplici cate o culoare pe rand dupa preferinta si in ce orDine vrei cu un buretel de machiaj sau de pictura.

Pasul 4: Traseaza cu un creion, o rigla si un compas schita desenului pe care vrei s-o executi.

Pasul 5: Traseaza cu negru deasupra schitei facute in precedent.

Pasul 6: Dupa ce s-a uscat aplica un strat de aracet si lasa-l sa se usuce. Se v-a usca transparent, facand rezultatul mai durabil. Asta e tot!

ENG: First step:Apply a white acrylic paint all over the front of the guitar for the base.

Step no. 2: After it’s dried (20 minutes) apply a second coat for a more opaque base.

Step no. 3: After it’s dried start applying different colors all over after your own desire.

Step no. 4 : With a pencil , a ruler and a compass  make the sketch that you want to execute .

Step no. 5: With a black acrylic paint draw after the sketch.

Step no. 6: After it’s all dried up apply a coat of mod podgeto seal the result, and let it dry. That’s all!


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