DIY Painted Army Jacket / Jacheta Stil Armata Pictata


RO: Astazi o sa va arat cum am modificat aceasta jacheta cu print de armata, de la simpla la pictata.

ENG: Today I’m gonna show you how I modified this army style jacket from simple to painted.


RO:  Ai nevoie de un indigo si de niste culori acrilice, de o imagine care vrei s-o copiezi pe jacheta si de talent in a picta.

ENG:  You’re gonna need a stencil paper (like those who tattoo artists use), acrylic paint in different colors, an image that you want copy onto the jacket and some talent for painting.


RO: 1. Traseaza direct de pe indigo pe jacheta imaginea pe care ai ales-o.

ENG: 1. Trace the image you chose directly onto the jacket with the stencil paper.


RO: 2. Aplica un strat de vopsea acrilica alba deasupra schitei. Nu te ingrijora, liniile tot o sa se vada pentru ca albul este usor transparent.

ENG: 2. Apply a layer of white acrylic paint on top of the sketch. Don’t worry it won’t cover the lines you made with the tracing paper.


RO: 3. Si apoi continua cu pictarea fiecarui element din imagine pana il termini. Fii creativ/a!

ENG: 3. And then keep painting every element of the picture until you finish it. Be creative !


Bonus tinuta zilei!

Bonus outfit of the day!












Haine / Clothes:

Jacheta / Jacket : Trift store + DIY

Maieu / Tank top : Bershka

Sutien / Bralette :

Pantaloni scurti / Shorts : H&M

Adidasi / Sneakers : Fila


Un super site de haine :

Awesome clothes shop :


Email –


Instagram :




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  1. Love this post!


  2. dishdessert says:

    I liked your blog,I invite you to my blog:

  3. Oh my god this is so cool!!! It made the jacket pop by a million miles! Super awesome post!
    Xoxo,Simona and Indre

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